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Black Birch Lodge is located in North central Pennsylvania.  Located in a secluded area you will find that it is less than a days drive to get to.  So if you want to get away from home and find a quiet place to stay you will find that Black Birch Lodge is just the place to be.  Located only about five and a half hours from New York City, Toronto and Philadelphia, four hours from Pittsburgh and Lancaster, and only three hours from Harrisburg, and Buffalo you will find that its just around the corner.

Once you arrive at Black Birch Lodge you will truly see why Potter County is called "Gods Country".  Surrounded by woods and streams the area is the perfect place to get away from whether you like the outdoor activities or you just want a place with peace and quiet.
Fireworks in Galeton, PA Rafting down Canyon View of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
(Approximately 20 min from lodge)


(Approximately: 45min from Lodge)



PA Grand Canyon